The College Prep Podcast invited me to come on their show and talk about VisualVocab, which was really fun! If you want, you can listen to the episode here.

It has been so fun to see all the great websites and advisors and companies that want to share VisualVocab with their followers! I’ve been talking with Scorebeyond about developing content for different learning styles, which is so encouraging and exciting! Classroommatters.com has shared VisualVocab in their parent newsletter, as has Stresslesstests.org. Studenteducationprograms.com is sharing the site now too, and so are Pragmatic Mom and College Prep Consulting!

Teen Life just shared VisualVocab, which was amazing, and now I’m working on getting VisualVocab shared via the amazing Magoosh test prep website. It turns out there are a lot of people out there who really want to help students learn to their full potential and use adaptive technology to do it, and it has been so fun to start working with them and seeing how the site can grow and change.

I am working on version 2.0, which I expect will launch sometime after the madness of college application season and first semester finals is over. Until then, please continue to send your feedback on this version and I’ll keep working to improve it!

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