The directions for the Visual Vocab game are very simple!

First, at the top of the screen, you can set the game to the length you want. If you want to play 20 words before getting a score, for example, you would set the game length to 20. You can always play again!

Then, as each word comes up, choose the picture that would be described by that word. All the words offered are SAT vocabulary words. If you get a word right, you’ll see a green check appear. If you get a word wrong, the choice you picked will turn gray, and you will be allowed to try again. Those tries do not count toward your total play.

Words you got wrong might appear again in your game. Be careful! When they show up a second time, they may have a different picture as a right answer.

When you complete the game, you will get a score between 200 and 800. While of course this isn’t what a real SAT is like, I made the scores from 200 to 800 to give you a feel for how good you’re doing on the same scale the SAT uses. My scoring is calculated by the percent of words you get right on the first try. For example, 100% correct would be an 800, 0% correct would be a 200, 50% correct would be a 500, and so on.

When you finish, you can use the Facebook or Twitter buttons to share your results. Enjoy!

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