About Jason

My name is Jason Ofman and I am the creator of Visual Vocab. I’m a high school student from California who just wanted to find an easier, faster, better way to learn vocabulary – so I made one! I hope you use it and it helps you too.

I, like most other high school students, found studying for the SAT a perplexing endeavor. In this vein, I did nothing special. I went to the local Barnes and Noble and purchased the big, blue SAT book. I breezed through the opening sections in which it recited basic principles of grammar and mathematics that I had not seen in such plainness since the 5th grade.

Consequently, I felt confident that my existing wealth of knowledge would suffice to score well on this test. My first practice test, I scored a charming 1200. During the entire duration of the test, I found myself floundering from one question to the next with mounting confusion and hopelessness. It was not that the questions were to difficult or that the math was to complex. It was simply that the calibre of question proved too difficult. I often did not understand what the test was asking!

I realized that one of the easiest and most direct ways to improve my score would be to learn the vocabulary words on the test. Many of them I’d seen and heard before, but when questioned, I realized I wasn’t exactly sure what they meant. Some of them, I’ll admit, I’m pretty sure I’d never seen before. I reviewed the questions I’d missed and realized I wasn’t going to get the score I wanted without learning those words.

I started with flashcards, but they weren’t really working for me — in part because they didn’t stick in my mind when I used them, and in part because I just didn’t use them. So I started researching how we learn, particularly how we learn words, and tried to come up with a new tool that would help students learn SAT words more quickly and effectively than flashcards, and that they’d also be more likely to enjoy using. That’s how Visual Vocab was born.

I’m not a professional web designer, SAT tutor, teacher, or programmer. I just wanted to make a useful tool for an important (and boring) task. I hope you find it helpful! If you have suggestions as to how it can be improved, I will do my best to implement them – please leave a comment and let me know :)

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